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The two experts in every webinar

Georgia sat down to speak with her specialist.

Her question list was prepared, notepad ready. They’d been working together for a while now... and it was really working!

‘I think what makes the relationship a success is our mutual respect’.

Each time they meet, they acknowledge two experts in the room – the person living with the condition and the person who studied it. Both sides add different insights and listen to each other.

‘Trying to get someone to understand what you’re going through is so hard. Especially if they don’t live with you...’

Georgia is 29 and has had arthritis since she was 18 months old. She’s experienced a fair amount of change over this time, in terms of her symptoms and the approach to care.

‘I’m not just “the patient”, I’m “Georgia”. And I work with my team to make the best decisions for my body’.

The MOVE webinar series draws on this philosophy, acknowledging the centrality of consumers in their own health and the need to work as two experts when engaging with health professionals.

Georgia’s advice?

‘I’ve been involved with MOVE for several years now. They genuinely value us both. I’d encourage anyone working in musculoskeletal health to try their webinar series’.

Find out about past and upcoming webinars here.

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