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PhD Scholarship

Completed Funded Research Project

Multi-morbidity medicines journey mapping the problems and needs of people with arthritis+ for using and managing medicines 

Scholar: Dianne Lowe, Alice O’Brien PhD Scholarship recipient and PhD Candidate; Centre for Health Communication and Participation
Institution: La Trobe University
Year: 2011-2015

Focusing on people of working age living with arthritis+ (arthritis and other diseases) this research:

  • investigated the problems and their impacts, faced by people with arthritis+ when managing their medicines

  • investigated the needs and preferences of people with arthritis+ to assist them to manage their medicines safely and effectively and

  • compared the experiences of people with arthritis+ to those with other multi-morbidity disease combinations to identify potential interventions that woudl improve communication with, and support, consumers with arthritis+ and their carers in relation to medicines use and management


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