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Biomechanical, Physiological & Cognitive Factors in Balance Recovery in Older Adults with Knee OA


Calum Downie, PhD Candidate, Victoria University
Professor Rezaul Begg, Victoria University
Associate Professor Pazit Levinger, Victoria University

The Study

Osteoarthritis of the lower limb is a major risk factor for falls with around 50% falling annually. The physical characteristics of knee osteoarthritis are potentially linked to increase falls risk, which may be further exacerbated by the influence of increased pain, poor cognitive function and difficulty in handling multiple tasks at the same time.

This project seeks to determine if certain measures can predict falls, how avoiding falls is impacted by multi-tasking, and the relationships between pain and cognitive function and falls avoidance in people with knee osteoarthritis.

Who can participate in the study?

You may be eligible to participate if;

you are aged between 60 and 90 years

have had knee pain for 6 months or more
can walk 40m without aid
have no other musculoskeletal condition which affects walking
have no neurological condition including stroke, parkinsonism, post-polio syndrome, brain insult or injury or any other neurological disorder impacting the lower limbs

What's involved

Participant requirements:

attending two testing sessions, 12 months apart
testing includes: balance recovery during a simulated fall, physical function tests, cognitive function tests, questionnaires
completion of monthly falls calendar

Participants are required to attend Victoria University, Footscray Park campus. If needed, parking tickets can be provided for participants during testing.

How long will participants be actively involved in the study?

12 months 

Closing Date
30 June, 2017 

Ethics and Funding

This study has been approved by Victoria University Human Research Ethics Committee (project number: HRE16-065).

This research is part of a PhD project and, as such, is funded by the Victoria University Higher Degree by Research Fund. 

Contact Information 

To express your interest in participating in this study please contact:
Calum Downie 
PhD Candidate, Victoria University
Telephone: 03 9919 5585 

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